random stuff i want to tell people

notes 2

1) okay so like i just wanted to tell someone, that i might become a class president tmrw, litearlly 10 PEOPLE VOTED FOR ME okay wait not tell let me re-count it, 6 or maybe 7, and these ARE guranteed votes, not the only votes. the other girl is sesili, i mean if i win i will be in so much joy but i will be so sad for her cuz she wanted to become class president since first grade and i do not know what to do, she has been nice to me but, i want to make my mom proud that i did something useful in school, maybe ill not compete in the class president thing next year? idk man i just dont want her to feel sad :((

2) okay ---- that girl, cuz i OVERSLEPT AND NOW I MISSED SCHOOL, im very anxious that i missed the chance of being class president like im gonna cry rn if thats the case for me to loose, if not, yipee, and if she wins like more votes then me, good for her right? but if she wins because i missed school, shii im sueing the school or something because idgaf at this point if she wants to be the president, 2 bad i want to be the president too

3) ughhhhhh when are my friends gonna come back homeee, nvm in 3 minutes they leave school and probably, rezi will come first because idk \_(._.)_/ anyways, they are going to tell me who won the class president, and i swear if she wins because i "overslept" i will get so mad bro, but if she won like more votes then me then, its still will be a bit annoying, but ay at least i didnt loose TO OVER SLEEPING, UGH, why didnt my mom wake me uppppp im very mad

4) im really sad, that dumb girl won, my mom is going to be so dissipoanted bro i hate her, all i wanted was just to become a class president, is that too much to ask for, ive helped her alot and gave her motivation when she had none, couldnt she leave one thing for me? selfish brat, im really sad, im balling my eyes out i dont care if i look selfish i just wanted to make my mom happy no dissopainted i hate her, i hate everyone, i just need alone time but of course people are gonna tell me some dumb motivational quotes, acting like my mom or something. i just want someone who i can hug and cry too

4.1) my friend is bugging me about it, why does anyone care anyways im not even that useful in life can they just stop, i dont want to go to school tommorow because everyone will shove it up my ass that the fact she won

5) okay im about to go to school in about like 15-14 minutes maybe even 9 or 10, so yeah, idk i just want to type something in here, oh i hate when i recive hugs, its like "recive" is a dumb word, i just like it when I hug the person, not them hugging me because everyone always hugs me so tight and i can barely breath. oh and yesterday when i said i hated hugs, a girl named mia just said "i will hug everyone! no matter what!" or something like that, and she hugged me. and yes i was choking, fortunetly she noticed and said sorry, but who ever is reading this i hope, please respect other peoples boundries no matter who it is


6) "oh happy birthday" why the fuck were 10 people at my birthday and none of brought presents, didnt they feel even a tiny bit embarrased?? they didnt even acknowledge me like they owned the house or something, and i had to clean THEIR mess up, then in the car my mom is like "stop being such a weiner, you just didnt get presents" its not only about present, litearlly someone said they couldnt come because they wanted to go to A CONCERT? I GET 1 FUCKING DAY WHERE PEOPLE HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME AND THESE DUMB PEOPLE ALWAYS RUIN IT, I JUST WANT A NORMAL BIRTHDAY NOT SOME CRAPPY ONE WHERE NO PARENTS FEEL TINY BIT EMBARRASED THAT THEIR CHILDREN MESSED UP THE ENTIRE HOUSE, DIDNT CLEAN ANYTHING, DIDNT ACKNOWLEDGE ME AND BROUGHT NO PRESENTS. HOW IS THIS FAIR? WHILE I HAVE TO BE EVERYONES SERVANT I ALWAYS HAVE TO HELP EVERYONE BUT NO ONE HAS TO HELP ME ITS SO ANNOYING, i just wanted a normal birthday and + my school ended so now i have NOTHING to do, school was litearlly the only place where i felt safe, it was litearlly my home atp, at my real home i just get yelled at for not having the correct water temputare. "im not your servant" NEITHER AM I? I ALWAYS SEE MY PARENTS AND FAMILY AND PEOPLE AROUND ME LITEARLLY ALWAYS COMPLAIN, I ALWAYS HAVE TO LISTEN WHY CANT PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE

7) oahaah.. im so sleepy bro ;pp i dont knwo what to doo