how i would survive the immortal snail

for context, this snail okay wait its like, you have infinite money and immortality (aka to live forever) but if this immortal snail is chasing you very slowly and if it touches you, you die. thats litearlly it, okay first i thought i would just grab it with like gloves or tell someone else to grab it for me, and throw it in the ocean but, what if i want to KMS. so then im thinking hard VERY VERY HARD, also i forgot to say, the snail is intelligent (aka smart) so if you put it in a box it will just come out of the box. so im thinking really hard and i thought "what if you put it in a box, that has cement it but dont fill the box up with cement just half of it, put the snail in and if i want to die i just touch the snail." yh thats what i would do