Georgian KPOP Cards store!

Hello! im georgian and i sell kpop cards, Here is some info about it

im a minor (ofc) and from georgian, im new to selling so i do not have sleeves (the case or the wrapper whatever you call it) so i only sell it for 20 cents, Each card is 20 cents and remember i only, and i mean ONLY sell Stray kids (for now), Dont get confused by my story, I Do not sell loona/Chuu photo cards! ====================== Answering questions "Where do we meet?" Most of the time delisis metro, But if you cant go there, then rustavelis metro "Do you have packaging?" It's like i dont have the thing to cover the card like sleeves but i do have a convert something like a mail of some sort, to put the cards in thats it! (oh also im going to buy a few sleeves)