welcome to my welcome page (click off if your my classmate and i didnt send this link

okay what do i write here? idk im just gonna tell you that i made this website as way to COPE, okay im kidding but this website is actually so fun to make, liek i dont understand why ppl think that "omg coding is sooooo hard" it was actually so easy like i dont understand it was so easy, like i used w3schools for almost everything, and if i had errors i would just google and some guy on the internet knew how to fix it. if your reading this go make a website, it doesnt have to be perfect, like look at my website its so trashy and some pages are just white pages with text on it. but its still fun updating it also a tip- DO NOT compare yourself to others, this website has alot of good sites but there are more like, not PERFECT websites, like jsut dont compare yourself to others ESPECIALLY when you are a starter, and even if you arent a starter just dont it, it will demotivate you to make a website, okay thats it hope whosever reading starts a website, or jsut checks mine out, oh and one last try to guess the password, its a 4 letter password and its hidden all around the website!