bro wonder egg priority is so good, if you dont like it get the fuck out bro ITS SO GOOD LIKE, it was confusing at first like "why the fuck is a toilet paper talking in the first episode" but UHFGHJKASFDJ HSDJFits just so good, go watch like rn pls, its so good and its like, okay let me explain what it is, its about a girl who everynight has a dream and she is in a place where she was "traumatized" or something, her friend killed herself there, and its like she has to crack this egg she has, a girl hatches out of it and now she has to protect the girl that just hatched out of the egg from some goofy monsters, but everyone is at the place wheir their loved one,friend, family, killed themselves at and, at the end when they kill the monsters they will have limited time to talk to them, and one thing i noticed is that every character has their own CLOCK like, when the main character defeats all the monsters, music starts playing and when it stops the hatched girl disseapers, one of her friends is a firework show, when the fireworks stop the girl from the egg dissappears, one has a sunset where she can talk to them until the sun sets, and one has a train station, where the train goes on for like 5 minutes and when you cant see the train anymore, the girl from the egg disappears. yeah thats litearlly wonder egg priority, it just so good please go watch it oakhy thank you for listennsg